Unemployment, Child Support and COVID-19

Can you ask the Court to adjust your child support and/or spousal support if you become unemployed?

The answer isĀ YES.

If you find yourself unemployed due to the shutdown of some businesses because of COVID-19, you are still required to pay your Court-ordered child support until the Court orders otherwise.

Michigan law requires a parent seeking a change in child support to demonstrate a change in circumstances. Obviously, a loss or reduction in your employment is a change in circumstances.

If you are unable to find comparable employment but can find work with a reduction in income, you will need to provide the Court with documentation regarding the reduction of your income. If you have a layoff notice or termination documentation, we will need to present those documents to the Court.

If you are worried that you will not be able to find similar work, make sure to document your efforts so the Court may be able to provide you with relief during these uncertain times.

Please keep in mind that you must file a motion with the Court to have your support modified. The Courts are all still accepting motion filings, so if you have a reduction in income, contact us immediately so that we can file a motion on your behalf. Support obligations usually are only modifiable as of the date you file your motion with the Court.

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